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                JJ Landscaping, LLC offers a seasonal maintenance package which includes the following: lawn cutting, hedge pruning,

                mulching, spring and fall clean-ups, fertilizing, tree pruning, thatching, aerating, re-seeding, and edging.







                Water Issues:

                Installing a French Drain will divert water away from the unwanted wet areas of a yard.

                Stump Removal:

                Our state of the art machines will remove stumps as though a large tree never existed. ( Hourly Bob-Cat service

                available - operator included.)


                We plant trees by calculating the area of space, hours of sunlight and which direction the plant sits as well as taking into

                account the soil conditions.












                Our landscape maintenance team can improve the curb appeal of your business. We will mow the lawn each week and can

                help your redesign the landscape completely.













                SNOW PLOWING:

                We offer a full service snow plowing fleet which includes trucks and machine services. we service apartment complexes,

                commercial developments, retail properties, high-rise buildings, and corporations larger than 15, 000 sq. ft. and up.


                We offer many types and styles of concrete and retaining wall systems which include exposed, broom, residential, and

                commercial. Concrete patios are a great way to create enjoyable outdoor recreational areas..


                Perhaps you have an old wall falling over which is creating an eyesore or an issue. With our equipment and expertise we

                can replace the wall.



                Meet with a professional landscape designer to create a plan that will incorporate all of your landscape desires. Our goal

                is to enhance your business to have better curb appeal and also preserve property value.


                With the extreme dry summers and lack of rain, we offer shrub and lawn watering services. Let us keep your lawn looking

                healthy and green without the hassle of installing a watering system.

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